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“Every child is an artist.”

-Pablo Picasso

Subject Lead:


At St Joseph’s, we have designed a broad and balanced curriculum, which is accessible to all. Children will develop their artistic ability through using a range of different materials and media (paint, pencil, clay and craft ideas). Children will know about great artists, craft makers and designers, and begin to understand different art forms.  They will be prepared to continue their artistic development and be ready to effectively contribute to the school work force, as they consider its commercial potential.

Our art curriculum aims to ensure that children

  • Show a confidence as they develop their skills in using a range of different media and show an understanding of how artists contribute to the wider world.
  • develop resilience as they extend their artistic language and knowledge.
  • show ambition where children are prepared to take risks in their sketch book and develop ideas.
  • stay motivated and committed believing they can do it!

Cultural Capital

The art curriculum, at St Joseph’s, will offer children the opportunities to develop their own creativity. To be able to do this, all pupils :

  • have an understanding of local artists and galleries.
  • visits and visitor experience become increasingly familiar with Art and Design career opportunities available in the work place.


At St Joseph’s art topics are taught every term. In order to aid children explore ideas and record their ideas  we have designed a broad and balanced curriculum which builds upon prior knowledge and develops new concepts.

At the beginning of the unit of work, children are introduced to the topic by looking at significant artists, designers or craft makers linked to their area of study. A range of technical vocabulary is used throughout the unit. Children are encouraged to make connections with previous work and discuss styles and techniques used. After an initial discussion, based around a piece of work, children will then develop their work in a given style. In order to achieve this, every child within school has a sketch book to record their observations and to use them to review and revisit ideas. In the coming lessons, children are then given opportunities to develop a wide range of art and design techniques, such as painting, drawing and sculpting, using a range of materials. Children will then develop their ideas and produce a final piece of work. Children then reflect upon their work to identify their own strengths and areas for development.