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“An active mind cannot exist in an inactive body”

– George S Patton 

Subject Lead: Miss Ball


At St Joseph’s, we have designed a broad and balanced curriculum. We intend to provide all children with opportunities to participate in team sports and physically- demanding activities. This will enable children to develop their health and fitness.

Our PE curriculum aims to ensure that children access and adopt a healthy and active life by:

  • Encouraging children to make an effort to achieve their individual bests and giving the children the ambition to improve.
  • Identifying the importance of a healthy lifestyle of exercise, nutrition and good hygiene that children can self-regulate in their own lives as they grow.
  • Encouraging team-work and good sportsmanship with compassion for others.
  • Motivating children to attend a range of extra-curricular activities.
  • Inspiring confidence and encouraging full participation.
  • Encouraging resilient attitudes to develop their skills
  • Providing a nurturing environment to encourage the challenge and progression of natural talent

Cultural Capital

The PE curriculum at St Joseph’s will offer children the opportunities outside of the usual curriculum to develop skills and attitudes. To be able to do this, pupils are given opportunities to:

  • Attend sport based residential trips
  • Every year group will attend at least one inter-school competition or festival
  • Inter-school competitions and festivals
  • A wide range of taster sessions and after school clubs
  • Access to specialised sports coaches
  • A range of school sport teams that represent the school in inter-school leagues
  • A range of PE equipment and resources in sessions and in the playground
  • Visits and talks from professional athletes


Our P.E. curriculum involves key areas, which children will access as a rolling two year program as they progress through the school. Children will participate in: Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Invasion Games, Striking and Fielding games, Orienteering and Key Stage Two will also access swimming lessons. EYFS and KS1’s PE lessons focus on the development of their movement skills. These motor skills are crucial as they are the foundation of PE sessions that they will participate in.

PE sessions at St Joseph’s focus on our key virtues of resilience, ambition, confidence and compassion. Where possible, links are made to other areas of the curriculum and children’s interests. Pupils have access within sessions to a range of equipment that allow them to access a session at their own personal level and encourage the children’s confidence to progress their skills.

At St Joseph’s, we endeavour to provide a range of extra-curricular activities. These include football, dance, gymnastics, judo, tag rugby, fencing and fitness sessions. Extra-curricular activities are delivered by members of our own staff as well as outside providers to allow children a variety of activities as well as being useful for upskilling staff in new sporting ventures. We are also part of a multi-school league, competition and festival programme. We encourage the passions of our children by providing opportunities to be in a school team and represent us. This provides children with amazing opportunities to grow in confidence and become a proud, compassionate and resilient member of a team.

At St Joseph’s we provide enjoyable learning which ensures all requirements of the National Curriculum are fully met. Each year a small group of Year 5 and 6 children are invited to become Sports Leaders for the school. They develop into sporting mentors and assistant coaches for the school, take a leading role in break and lunch sports, assist in the planning our annual Sports day and are the voice for every pupil.