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International Links

Tianjian Primary School, Futian District, Shenzhen, China is 5, 893 miles away from St Joseph’s Primary School, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, England.

There are so many differences between where we live and go to school but the one similarity is that we are developing an international link so we can learn from each other. Miss Hopps was invited by University of Durham to teach in the school. She taught English, Mathematics and Science lessons, just how she would teach in St Joseph’s. The theme of all the lessons was Harry Potter. The last lesson was for the children to write a postcard to the children at St Joseph’s Primary School. Miss Hopps brought these back to school and then all the children at St Joseph’s read and then wrote a postcard back to the children at Tianjian Primary School. We are all waiting to hear if the postcards have arrived in China. After the half term holiday break all the St Joseph’s children will be taking part in experiences of Tianjian Primary School. Watch this space to find out more!

January 2020

The children of Tianjian Primary School replied to our postcards.

December 2020

As Christmas 2020 approached we once again wrote and emailed postcards to the children of Tianjian Primary School, Shenzhen.

September 2020

Once our children returned to school in September 2020, we read their postcards then wrote and emailed postcards back to the children of Tianjian Primary School.

July 2020

During the Summer of 2020 the children from Tianjian Primary School, Shenzhen, China, sent us postcards with some good advice and also about what they would be doing during the summer break.

May 2020

Out link teacher from Tianjian has told me, “The children are beginning to go back to school. This week (11th May) Graders 4-6 (Y5-Y7) return and next week (18th May) Grader 1-3 (Y2-Y4) will return. All the teachers and children have to have their temperature checked everyday and they have to keep a safe social distance. It is 28°C in Shenzhen so the canopies will help protect the 960 children as they queue to come into school. Each zig zag barrier is partitioning the classrooms. This is the area where the children usually come to have their ten-minute break during lessons. I wonder what will happen now? There are usually 40 or more children in a classroom, which are a lot smaller than our classrooms. I wonder how they will keep a safe social distance?


March 2020

COVID 19 lockdown affected the children at Tianjian Primary School and St Joseph’s School. Both schools were closed, all children were learning from home.

In March 2020 we set up a joint Lego project for both schools. Here’s what the children made.