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Religious Education Programme

At St Joseph’s RC Primary school we follow the Catholic Primary Religious Education programme ‘’Come and See’’ for all children.

In Catholic schools, as in any school, Religion is taught as an academic subject: but this is not enough. The whole life of a Catholic School has to be an expression in practice of Catholic belief and Catholic tradition. Children are not only ‘taught’ their faith, it is ‘caught’ from home and from school. As they grow, the children are encouraged to put their faith into practice in their own lives.

In class, the children help to prepare and participate in weekly liturgies and Masses. Not only in the teaching, but also in the daily practice of the faith, our children are helped by the personal example of the staff.

However great the opportunities given and examples set, they will have little lasting value without the support and encouragement of parents. We try hard in school, but we can only back up what you do at home. In handing on the faith, parents are the first and best teachers. No trouble, that a parent or teacher may take to become proficient in teaching the Catholic religion, is too great.

By working together for the children; parents and teachers make this school a place which we can truly say:

‘When we welcome the child, we welcome the family’

Aims and objectives

    • To foster a love of God through knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Faith from scripture to doctrine.
    • To encourage the development of a personal relationship with God.
    • To help our children be aware of and respect other faiths.
    • To encourage children to study, investigate and reflect.
    • To develop the thinking and listening skills.
    • To develop respect for truth and for the view of others.

Home/School/Parish Partnership

We believe that the school alone cannot undertake a child’s Religious Education. Religious Education begins at home at Baptism; the parents are the child’s first teachers and support the child with his/her first religious experiences. The school works in partnership with parents and parish to enrich the lives of our children.

We distribute a newsletter to inform parents about the weekly Gospel and notify parents of Masses and liturgies both in the school and the Parish.

Our School regularly supports Parish events and fundraising e.g. CAFOD, SVP, Advent appeals, Lenten appeals.

Withdrawal from R.E

The Governors are required to inform parents of their rights of withdrawal of pupils from Religious Education and Worship.  Parents are also reminded that our school exists to give a ‘Catholic’ education to its pupils.  It is therefore expected that parents be in sympathy with the aims and objectives of the school.

The below documents set out what is taught in each year group and the termly newsletter shows what is being covered this term.

Come and See Overview

RE Topics Spring 2020

Religious Education Parental Questionnaire tick-box