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Our approach to teaching children & young people with SEN

Inclusive education means supporting all pupils to learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of school life alongside their peers. Our curriculum includes, not only the formal requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum / National Curriculum, but also a range of additional opportunities to enrich the experiences of all pupils. The Curriculum also includes the social aspects that are essential for lifelong learning, personal growth and development of independence. Our philosophy places SEND children at the heart of personalised learning and our curriculum is tailored to meet individual pupils’ needs.

  • The school prides itself on being an Inclusive School setting. We promote inclusive practises ie Coloured backgrounds on whiteboards, Nurture space within school (Sunshine Room), Mindfulness activities as part of everyday classroom practise and lunchtime clubs.
  • Our School works on delivering the curriculum through the Mastery approach to learning which assumes that all children are Masters of a subject. In this way, children are challenged to achieve highly. All classes have adult support for English, Maths and other subjects where possible. Learning is scaffolded for those children with SEND in order that they can access the curriculum wherever possible. Where this is not possible, an individual curriculum may need to be written for that pupil.
  • Flexible learning – One of the features of our school is that on many occasions, lessons are delivered across a Key Stage rather than being class or Year group based eg Read Write Inc in EYFS and KS1 and Maths small group work in KS2. This ensures that children are accessing exactly what is appropriate to their needs rather than what their Year Group expectations are.
  • All children are given the chance to excel at subjects other than the core areas of learning. We find that children with SEND often perform really well in areas such as, Art, DT and PSHE.
  • All learning opportunities at St Joseph’s are designed to develop independence, regardless of a child’s age or ability, including those with SEND.

Our school ethos is that we are all unique and created in God’s image.  Every child is encouraged to challenge themselves and be the best they can be, and this is celebrated both daily within the classroom setting and weekly at our awards assembly. Our assemblies not only encompass sporting and academic achievement, but also those who have tried their best, and used St Joseph’s 3R’s (Resilience, Respectful and Reflective).

The mental health and well-being of all pupils is paramount at St Joseph’s and children are surrounded by a caring, nurturing atmosphere where all staff know all pupils and interact with them regularly. Children are constantly shown how their lives have a positive impact upon others.