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Curriculum Statement

As a catholic school, our curriculum is rooted in gospel values, our mission statement celebrates our individuality and the gifts and talents that each individual has.

“We are unique and created in God’s image”

Core Values

Our curriculum is underpinned by our main core values of:

Challenge Community
Commitment Honesty
Creativity Motivation
Curiosity Friendship

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that each child can develop their individuality which celebrates their own gifts and talents so they achieve their full potential. Gospel values are at the heart of this.

We aim to ensure our children are prepared for life beyond St Joseph’s. That they develop a lifelong interest in learning and are keen to continue their learning journey beyond primary and secondary education.

We aim to give the children a broad and balanced curriculum which offers a range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities to support their personal growth and prepare them for life in modern Britain. The close links with our parish and community will give the children an opportunity to be involved in local issues as well as a national and global awareness.